After 25 years, an emblematic brigade from Rapid’s „Galeria” ceases its activity, but its members remain with Rapid

Bucharest, Romania – Following the announcement of Bocciu’s retirement from the leadership of Peluza Nord Rapid, a long-standing brigade from Rapid’s „Galeria” has announced that it is ceasing its activity.

The Bombardierii 1998 group has posted an official statement, which we reproduce in its entirety below:

„Dear Rapid fans,

After 25 years of uninterrupted activity, match after match, at home or away, it is time for us to take a step back from ultra activity. Our decision was not an easy one, but everyday problems have made it impossible for us to be involved at the highest level exactly as we have been throughout the group’s activity.

We want to make it clear to everyone that our withdrawal from activity does not mean that we will stop supporting our beloved team. We will always be present in Peluza Nord, both at home games and away games. Rapid is and will always remain in our hearts, and our spirit and devotion to the white-maroon colors will never disappear.

We end this chapter with gratitude to all those who have been with us and supported us over the years. We will continue to be present, to sing and to support our team, but from now on we will do so in a different way.

With respect and devotion,

The Bombardierii 1998 Group Rapid until death!”

Additional notes:

  • The Bombardierii 1998 group was one of the most active and visible brigades in Rapid’s „Galeria”.
  • The group’s decision to cease its activity is a loss for Rapid’s ultra scene.
  • Despite their decision to step back from organized activity, the members of the Bombardierii 1998 group have pledged to continue to support Rapid.

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